Personal Injury Lawyer

Pain and suffering may go along with that injury you are dealing with. The long nights unable to sleep matched with the long days unable to work are making life rather challenging at the moment. You have been told by friends that you may have a chance of winning a personal injury lawsuit for damages, but you aren’t quite sure what you have rises to the level of proof of a case. Mull over these four examples of personal injury cases and see if what you’ve experienced fits.

1. Car Accident

The most common form of personal injury occurs through a motor vehicle accident. In a crash, one party is usually liable for causing it, and as such, their insurance company should be responsible for paying the bills of the other person. However, sometimes the two insurance companies cannot agree on fault and liability, so one side has to file suit against the other. It is also possible that the responsible party is sued personally either due to their actions or their insurance situation.

2. Medical Malpractice

When a doctor makes a mistake, someone’s life may hang in the balance. Medical malpractice happens quite often, with the most common error being misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose. When you or a loved one experiences pain or illness as a result of a doctor (or nurse’s) lack of attention or duty, you may file a personal injury claim against them.

3. Slip and Fall

Wet floors can be quite troublesome, especially when someone gets injured after slipping and falling. Premises liability cases that result in an injury are also categorized as personal injury. Not all cases are the fault of the owner – in some instances, the injured party contributed to the situation by their actions or inactions. However, insurance companies typically cover reasonable medical bills of someone hurt as the result of a slip and fall.

4. Dog Bite

Spending the day at the park shouldn’t result in a bite. If a dog starts snapping or takes a bite, you may have to go through some painful treatment, including the rabies shot. Even if you are a guest in someone’s home and are bitten, without provocation, the owner’s insurance company may be liable for the incident and the subsequent treatment.

Personal injury attorneys can help you figure out the intricacies of the process. Should you want to engage one, it may wind up getting you the help you need to get better.