Looking for an Attorney

There are many different resources to help you find a bankruptcy attorney for your particular needs. It is important to find the best attorney for your specific situation. Bankruptcy laws are complicated and you want to be careful to pick someone who is especially suited to your legal needs.

If you are thinking that you might need to file for bankruptcy, sometimes even just one, initial consultation with a good attorney is all you will need to make this determination. There are a variety of ways to look for an attorney, as well as resources that will make this easier for you to do.


Word of Mouth

If you are lucky to have knowledgeable and trustworthy friends and
family members who can make recommendations for bankruptcy attorneys you can talk
to, this is often a great way to start your search for a good bankruptcy attorney.


There is a good chance that the internet is going to be an integral tool you will use to find a good bankruptcy attorney who is especially suited to your particular needs. It will likely help you throughout your search, starting with helping you to research the specific kind of bankruptcy attorney you need, to finding these kinds of attorneys in your area, to finding ratings and reviews of potential attorneys, etc.

Legal Aid

Free and sliding scale legal advice is provided at legal aid offices. Legal aid offices differ but oftentimes, they will represent low-income individuals for free.

National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA)

NACA advocates for consumers on bankruptcy and a wide range of issues that affect consumers in the United States.

State and Local Bar Associations

State and local bar associations can help to connect you with bankruptcy attorneys in your area. They will also have information on whether or not an attorney is licensed and in good standing with the courts, whether they have had any disciplinary actions against them, and many of them will provide information about an attorney’s background. Many bar associations have online services to help people who are looking for attorney’s, as well as providing help over the telephone.