There are many things that you can expect when you have a good bankruptcy attorney. Keep in mind that just because an attorney has a law degree and a license, does not mean that they are particularly good at their job. You can expect a good bankruptcy attorney to give you sound legal advice, handle all of your necessary paperwork and deadlines from start to finish, and to be understanding and compassionate. Most people feel a sense of reprieve once they have found a good bankruptcy attorney- and an even greater sense of relief when their bankruptcy process is resolved.


You can expect a bankruptcy attorney to be competent. You can expect a good bankruptcy attorney to go above and beyond what qualifies as competent. Some bankruptcy cases are much more complicated than other ones but either way, a good bankruptcy attorney should have the skills and experience necessary to successfully handle your case.

The difficulty of your bankruptcy case will likely depend on such factors as:

  • The facts or your particular case
  • The kind of bankruptcy you are filing for. For most individuals this is typically either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 (but there are other kinds).
  • Whether or not you have an asset or no asset case, and whether a bankruptcy trustee will be selling any of your property
  • Whether or not you are a small business owner
  • Whether or not the case needs to be litigated in court

Sound Legal Advice

The contract that you and your attorney sign (a retainer agreement) should outline the services your bankruptcy attorney has the duty to provide to you. This includes giving you competent and sound legal advice throughout the bankruptcy process. In particular, they should inform you and help you to decide on whether or not you have the options to file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and which options are in your best financial interest. They should also make you aware of any difficulties or potential risks your case may have.

Prepare and File Paperwork

A good bankruptcy attorney will take care of all of your bankruptcy paperwork more efficiently than most people would be able to do on their own. You will need to give your attorney financial information and they will likely go over this with you but other than this, your attorney should take care of this tedious and confusing work. A good bankruptcy attorney will have the latest software and be up to date on current trends and news in bankruptcy law in order to be able to take care of your paperwork efficiently and accurately.


All debtors must attend a mandatory hearing after filing for bankruptcy. Your attorney should attend this with you to make sure that your rights are fully represented. Some cases require additional hearings that your attorney can represent you at whether you are there or not.