Things to Consider When Choosing a Birthday Party Venue

Birthday parties can be quite special and memorable get-togethers. At its essence, it’s a party that celebrates one person, with the goal of making them feel like a king or queen for the day. Birthday parties create memories that last a lifetime, so choosing the right venue will be important in its success. Here are things to consider when picking a property to host an upcoming birthday party:

The number of guests on the attendance list.

Most venues have a max capacity for how many people it can safely hold. You don’t want a venue that is too large if your invite list is intimate, and by comparison, you don’t want a tiny venue space for an expansive guest list. How many people you invite will affect the vibe and cost of the party, so that’s something to consider when browsing potential venues. 

The proximity of venue to guests.

A birthday party venue that is hours away is probably going to pose an issue for many guests, especially if they are not interested in booking a hotel to stay the night. You may find that not as many guests show up, or that they have to leave early for a long drive back home. A party is usually more fun if more people show up, so choose a place that is relatively easy to access, and has convenient parking. 

Food and beverage offerings.

Perhaps one of the most expensive elements of any event is the food and drinks. The first choice you will have to make is whether you want to book a venue that already offers catering, or hire an outside caterer to travel to the property. If you are trying to reduce costs by bringing your own food to the venue, consider these aspects:

  • How to keep the food warm or cold
  • Where to store the beverages
  • What is available to put food and drinks on
  • Availability of extension cords, outlets, etc.
  • Access to use of water, sinks, and/or kitchens