Workplace injuries can be significant and life-changing. Even if they are not permanent, they can demand a substantial degree of medical treatment and the employee may never recover sufficiently to return to their career. And as a workers compensation lawyer knows very well, an injury may require far more costly treatment than originally anticipated. With the additional medical care comes additional bills. If you settle your claim prior to suffering more damages, will you be eligible to collect additional compensation from your employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier? It’s a question that many people have, and a concern which underscores the importance of making the right decisions. This begins with filing your injury claim after the work related accident and hiring a workers compensation lawyer, such as lawyer early on in the process. A lawyer who focuses on these types of cases will provide a level of insight and clarity that someone who is not a legal professional simply does not have. We can help you avoid costly mistakes. We can help you get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve, including compensation for future treatment.

How do I get a settlement for my injury related damages?

When injured workers come to a lawyer for help, they work closely with them to determine the full extent of their damages. Many times, our clients do not realize the full scope of their compensable damages. Lawyers work tirelessly to ensure that their injured clients receive the maximum amount of compensation to which they are entitled. When an experienced workers compensation lawyer files a claim with the party or parties responsible for the client’s injury, they are in good hands. Once the claim is filed and processed by the at-fault party, your lawyer will negotiate a final settlement on your behalf. Though workers compensation benefits may be adequate in most cases, this is not true in all circumstances. When the injury suffered by the employee is significant, permanent, or fatal, workers compensation benefits typically fall far short of the damages incurred. A law firm can help you get the settlement you deserve. Without an aggressive legal professional protecting your best interests, your chances at receiving a fair settlement reduce significantly.

What if I suffer additional damages after I receive a settlement?

Once you agree to a settlement, you cannot receive additional compensation, even if you unexpectedly need additional surgery, medication, or medical treatment. It is key that you have a thorough understanding of all the damages associated with your injury, including future damages. This is difficult for those who are not in the medical field or who are not a workers compensation lawyer. Call today to discuss your case with a skilled workers compensation lawyer.