Consequences of a Drug Possession Charge

Drug Possession Lawyer

The Consequences of a Drug Possession Charge

Facing a charge for drug possession can be a stressful and difficult time to handle. Whether it be for a misdemeanor offense or felony the penalties can range from fines up to jail time. This is a matter that should be taken seriously as many people who are even first offenders can face the full brunt of the law. If you are dealing with a drug charge then its best that you discuss the matter with a drug possession lawyer in Rapid City, SD from a law firm that can answer your questions like The Law Offices of Clayborne, Loos & Sabers LLP.

Drug Possession Charge & Your Record

A drug possession charge on your record could hurt your chances of gaining employment now and in the future. When employers see that you have been arrested for a drug charge they may question your reliability and employability. Even if you were only arrested for a misdemeanor of a small amount this is still an offense that is on your record. Employers generally do not look kindly on people who have charges. This is why it’s important to seek legal counsel to help you with your case as an experienced drug possession lawyer could help you fight your case and help you to keep your record clean. 

What Drugs Face What Penalty

Different drugs face different penalties. The amount of said drug will also dictate the type of penalties that you may be facing if charged with drug possession. The state of South Dakota is widely known to have some of the more strict penalties for drug possession. South Dakota is also the only state in America that holds a law for having drugs in your system that can still fall under drug possession. For example here are some of the penalties associated with marijuana of varying amounts:

  • Marijuana – 2 ounces or less(misdemeanor) faces up to 1 year in jail and maximum penalty of 2,000$ fine
  • Marijuana – 1/2lb to to 1lb(felony) faces a maximum 5 years jail time and 10,000$ fine

Aside from those penalties, if you are in possession of over 1 pound of marijuana you could face upwards of 15 years in jail with fines ranging up to 30,000$. That’s not to mention the severe penalties of possession of other drugs as well that also carry harsh and even more severe penalties.