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While a misdemeanor might not be as serious as a felony, it still can have consequences, like difficulty finding employment. If you’ve had trouble finding a job because of a misdemeanor on your record, you probably feel pretty frustrated. However, you shouldn’t lose all hope. It’s still possible to obtain employment and have a better future. Criminal lawyers have provided tips on how to obtain employment with a misdemeanor.

Obtain Training in a Field That Isn’t Off Limits To You

Even with a misdemeanor on your record, you still likely have many career opportunities that aren’t entirely off limits to you. It’s beneficial to get training in a field with a shortage of qualified workers. If employers see that you have the skills they need, they may be willing to overlook the misdemeanor. For example, you may consider getting training in a skilled trade, computer technology or culinary arts. However, you should stay away from applying to position that you may be automatically disqualified before. For example, if you were convicted of theft, you might not be able to get a job in a bank.

Network With Others

You can improve your chance of gaining employment if you take the time to meet professionals in the industry you want to work in. Attend networking events in your area and create a profile on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to other and tell them about your career goals. If you make a good impression, these individuals may be able to help you get your foot in the door.

Always Be Honest

If you’re asked to disclose criminal convictions during the application process, you should always be honest. If you try to hide a misdemeanor conviction from a potential employer and they find out, you definitely won’t get hired. However, you shouldn’t reveal more information than what’s asked of you. For example, if the employer only asks you if you have felony convictions, you don’t have to mention your misdemeanor.

Focus on Your Positive Qualities

Don’t let your criminal record be the focus of the interview. Try to divert the employer’s attention to your positive attributes, such as your work ethic and ability to get along with other people. If the employer continues to speak about the issue, you should explain how much you’ve learned since then and the steps you’ve taken to change. Talk about the good things you’ve done since then and how you would make a good employee.

Consider Getting Your Record Expunged or Sealed

Many states now make it possible for individuals to expunge or seal misdemeanors from their record. Talk to a criminal lawyer about your case and see if you’re eligible to get the conviction removed from your record. Then, you can legally tell employers that you haven’t been convicted of any crimes.

If you’re looking to get your criminal record expunged or sealed, a criminal lawyer can help. Contact a law office today for a consultation.

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