Though you may have already hired a lawyer, if your company was hit with a negligence claim or lawsuit, you may also need to hire a PR firm. Litigation can cause ripples that extend into the community, and the resulting wake can devastate a company’s reputation for years. Even if the alleged victim has not yet filed a claim or lawsuit, their allegations, if made public, can be detrimental to the company. In many instances it’s more advantageous to acknowledge the claims and either deny them or express remorse and explain the changes that are being made to prevent such a scenario from repeating itself. Obtaining guidance from your attorney and PR firm, like a public relations agency in New York, New York such as Goldman McCormick PR, can be invaluable in shaping your approach for how to deal with this difficult situation.

Accusations without Basis

If the alleged victim is making false statements about your company or an employee of your company with claims of negligence, your attorney can advise you of your legal options. Based on the conclusions of your attorney, you can turn to the assistance of your PR firm. For example, if the alleged victim claims that the flooring in your building injured them because of a slip and fall accident, your PR firm might suggest you hold an open house charity event. By drawing community members into your establishment, they can see for themselves that the flooring is in excellent shape and that you care about the community by holding a charity event. After becoming familiar with the details of your situation, your attorney and PR firm can work together to come up with various ways to effectively counteract the accusations against your company.

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

As mentioned above, a PR firm can help your company not only reduce the potential damage from accusations of negligence, they can enhance your company’s reputation. This in turn can help you gain new customers. History has shown that when a company encounters great difficulties because of a challenging situation, but they take immediate action and go public with a response, they often come back stronger than ever. Every situation is different and requires careful consideration after gaining insight from your lawyer and PR firm. Getting your company back on top may require a number of steps that are carefully choreographed by your advisors. Here are but a few ways in which a PR firm might assist you:

·         Host a charitable event to raise funds for a sector of your community to generate good will. Members of the community are more likely to then associate your company in a positive light. A PR firm can generate publicity and news stories focused on this event. They can help you promote it beforehand, arrange for media to attend and cover the event, and take photos and video to later display to the public.

·         Hold a press conference during which you provide your side of the story about the event or events that unfolded. A PR firm can provide talking points, prepare your spokesperson, and arrange media attendance. In this way, your accuser is not the only voice that the public and your customers are hearing. Silence implies consent, and so by speaking out from your perspective, you can control the narrative.

If your company was accused of negligence, consider hiring a PR firm to help mitigate the damage to your reputation.