Employment Lawyer

If you are engaged in a wage and hour or overtime legal dispute, an employment lawyer can represent you in proceedings and protect your right to fair compensation. Without experienced legal counsel, your case may be lost before it even reaches a courtroom.

As an employment lawyer in Towson, MD from a law firm like Seigel & Rouhana, LLC, can explain, the FLSA is a federal law that dictates the payment of minimum wage and overtime wages to employees. When an employee does not receive the wages to which they are entitled after working hard to earn them, it can have a devastating impact on their quality of life. Qualified employment lawyers help employees hold their employers responsible for meeting their legal and ethical obligations. An FLSA lawyer can represent you in litigation matters related to income disputes with your employer.

If you need legal help in support of your FLSA case, seek legal representation. You can request a confidential case review to discuss your circumstances. At that time, a FLSA lawyer can determine in what ways they might be able to help resolve your dispute. If you are unsure of whether or not you have a strong case against your employer for wages they owe you, contacting an FLSA lawyer can help clarify your situation.

What is the FLSA?

The FLSA requires that employers pay their employees overtime wages for hours worked beyond 40 hours in the same work week, unless that employee is not eligible for overtime wages. Compensable damages include overtime as well as work completed in the employee’s home, their travel time while on the clock (not including commuting to and from work), training sessions, probationary periods, and waiting time.

FLSA lawyers work with clients to protect their rights and understand the sometimes complicated and frustrating laws surrounding FLSA rules and regulations. They can help you recover your damages as well as FLSA lawyer fees as per the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What does the FLSA cover?

An FLSA lawyer can provide you with more details as they apply to the specifics of your case. As a general rule, the FLSA dictates the standards for the amount of minimum wage that employees must earn from their employers, overtime pay, child labor laws, and recordkeeping standards that apply to part time and full time workers in the private sector as well as in local, state, and federal agencies.

When might I need an FLSA lawyer?

It may be beneficial for you to hire an FLSA lawyer if any of the follow applies to your circumstances:

  • You are being paid less than the federal minimum wage for your hourly work.
  • Your overtime wages after working 40 hours in a single week is not paid to you at a rate of one and a half times your regular hourly rate of pay.
  • If your tips and cash wages do not equal the minimum hourly wage, then your employer must pay you an amount to make up the difference.

To discuss your case with an FLSA lawyer, contact a qualified employment lawyer as soon as possible.