Car Accident Attorney

If you have been involved in a car accident that resulted in physical injuries to yourself or other passengers, you may think that it is too late to seek help from a car accident attorney. You may feel that there is no hope in you winning a case, or you may feel that it is not worth the hassle of pursuing compensation. Whatever your hesitation has been in not seeking an attorney’s help with your car accident case, now is the time to act so that you can receive the compensation that you deserve. Seeking care from an experienced lawyer can help you receive compensation for your car damage, loss of work and wages and physical disabilities related to the accident.

Compensation for Car Damage

After a wreck, care insurance companies rarely pay you enough money to replace your mode of transportation with something comparable. If they decide that your vehicle can be repaired, they may not give you enough money to cover the cost of repairs, and the resale value of your car will drastically decrease because it has been wrecked. When you are injured in a wreck, it makes it even more difficult to have the funds to replace your vehicle or to have proper repairs made.

Loss of Work and Wages

Injuries in a wreck lead to necessary time off work to heal and recover, and this time off leads to loss of work and wages. This can be detrimental for anyone, especially independent contractors or self-employed workers. Some injuries make it impossible to return to work for weeks or even months, and this can lead to strain between you and your employer as well. Some injuries may lead to permanent disability, putting you on a fixed income that is less than your old salary.

Physical Disabilities Related to the Accident

Accidents can cause devastating physical disabilities that can greatly limit the range of activities that you are able to perform. This could alter your daily life and cause you to not be able to do certain hobbies like you used to. These disabilities can be emotionally as well as physically straining, and you deserve compensation for the change that the injury has made in your life.

If you have been hesitating about seeking an attorney’s help with your case after a car accident that led to injuries for your or your family, do not wait any longer. Call today to set up a consultation about the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Source: Best Auto Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN, Patterson Bray.