E-Scooter Injury Lawsuits

Electric scooters are gaining popularity in big cities and college campuses alike as a cheap and exciting way to get around. However, there have also been plenty of injuries and even a few deaths as the result of e-scooter sharing, and some states have pointed a litigious finger at the companies who support this craze. While some lawsuits have already been settled, it is still unclear to many who has the right to seek compensation when they utilize e-scooters and what might prevent such lawsuits from being viable. 

Riders Hit By Private Motorists 

Some e-scooter users have been struck by vehicles when crossing streets or trying to navigate parking areas. These accidents can be caused by several factors and are usually the fault of the driver: 

  • Motorist inattention
  • Texting behind the wheel 
  • Aggressive driving habits 
  • Ignoring designated crosswalks or traffic signs 

Not all drivers might be willing to accept responsibility for an e-scooter accident, especially if they believe the operator was going too fast. Any injured scooter driver may want to prepare for this by obtaining a lawyer as soon as possible. 

Riders Injured By Scooter Malfunction 

Shared scooters may have worn or broken parts that may cause riders to fall and sustain injury. The operator then blames the company. However, these types of lawsuits may be hard to win because some shared scooter companies insist that their clients sign liability waivers. Others lay blame with the rider for failing to wear protective equipment, such as pads and helmets. 

Pedestrians Injured By Scooters 

E-scooters are sometimes viewed as a serious nuisance by pedestrians, some of whom have been injured by sidewalk collisions or by having their feet run over. It may be difficult for these individuals to seek compensation because it is not always clear whether the scooter company or the operator holds liability. If the rider waived liability, the injured party may be able to sue for damages. 

Individuals Injured By Abandoned E-Scooters 

The shared scooter industry is popular with young people because they can search for, utilize and then leave behind a unit wherever they see fit. However, this can create a safety hazard for people who are walking or driving in an area and may trip or drive over a scooter left by the previous user. This can cause damage to a vehicle or personal injury, but unless it is known who abandoned it, finding fault and making a claim may be a challenge. 

The e-scooter revolution is booming, but these units can cause serious injury for riders and pedestrians alike. If you were injured while using one of these vehicles, call an attorney today for advice about how to file a claim and receive compensation. 

Source: Newark Personal Injury Attorney, Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.