Do You Need a Lawyer to Modify Child Support?

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Do You Need a Lawyer to Modify Child Support?

One of the hottest issues in any divorce is usually child support. No matter how well you get along with your former spouse, when it comes to money, it can be a hot debate. Children change over the years. Circumstances change. It’s likely that you will need to modify your child support agreement at some point. Technically speaking, you don’t need an attorney. But there are some very good reasons to get a lawyer involved.

Don’t Rely on Handshake Deals

The court handled the original child support order. If you want to modify the order, you must get the court to approve. You do not want your child’s other parent to hold you in contempt of court because you aren’t following the court’s order, even though you both agreed to a modification. You always need to present your case to the court if you need to modify the order.

How Much Child Support Does Your Child Deserve?

Child support is usually based on the other parent’s income, but it can be difficult to know whether the other parent is telling the truth or not. Then, there may be other factors that come into play, such as how many other children the person is supporting. Your child’s needs may have changed. Child support can also be based on how much time the child spends with each parent. You may want a lawyer to help you navigate the process and make sure your child gets the right amount.

Is the Other Parent Trying to Avoid Child Support?

Sometimes, the parent who must pay child support might intentionally take a lower-paying job to reduce their obligation. The court can look at different factors, such as the parent’s education and work history to determine how much the parent should be paying. A lawyer can help you present evidence that demonstrates modification is necessary.

Changing a Child Support Order May Not Be Easy

Keep good records about your child support, whether you’re the payee or the payor. If you are trying to modify the child support decision, you will want good records when you go before the judge.

Child support is a complex and complicated legal decision that takes into account many elements. A child support modification may be warranted, but if you cannot demonstrate your case to the judge, you may not receive it. An attorney, like a family lawyer in Lake Forest, IL, can be an advocate for you and your child, whether you’re trying to modify the agreement up or down.

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